Recent pensions negotiations encouraging because of
Over 2000 Public Sector Workers marched through Gloucester to rally in the Park.
UCU Branch Chair Spoke to Rally

'‘University Lecturers' are not a militant group and particularly not at the University of Gloucestershire but today a majority of members did not cross the picket lines at all three main campuses.  This is not a dispute with the University but with the Coalition Governments' attack on pensions. The withdrawal of labour is always a final step when all other avenues have been exhausted. The Government has not been in genuine and meaningful negotiation and it is only the resilience of the Unions that has brought about the recent concessions that still do not go far enough. The Government’s own actuarial figures demonstrate that following the previously agreed changes to the Pension scheme for new entrants, the Pensions are affordable. This is therefore nothing more than a raid on pensions in a desperate attempt to plug a hole in the finances that is not of our making. Public sector workers do not have gold lined pensions, its MPs that have this. University Lecturer’s used to have comparable pay to MPs many moons ago but now median pay for lecturer’s is half that of MPs and we do not have huge expense accounts! Pension is deferred pay and is a contract entered into at the time of employment on that basis.

Gloucester Rally - The Citizen


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BBC video of National Strike

The 30 unions involved said around 20,000 people walked out yesterday in the county, and two million nationally

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